Two years ago sitting on the beach and watching his friends (former QS Grinder) Harry Mann demolished a small onshore wave in Victoria, Mark Phipps started to scratch his head.

How did he do that?

He sat with him and inspected the board like it was a T-bone steak ready to barbecue. Harry told Mark “mate it’s like cheating riding this board! I can do anything I want.”

So Mark, who isn’t getting any younger despite his surfing addiction which is getting stronger, started to develop the Cheeta. After all who doesn’t need to cheat in surfing? He found the magical rocker, he found the volume he needed for his aching arms, and he found the performance he wanted.

This board isn’t a hybrid, this board is meant to give you confidence to do the best turns of your life, it’s just like cheating.


Best Suited For
Skill Level
Wave Size
Standard Dimensions
5'518 1/223.7L
5'618 3/424.9L
5'1019 1/428.8L
5'1119 1/230.3L
6'019 3/431.8L
Fin Systems
  • Futures or FCS thruster
Orders & Enquires

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