The Humpback by Mark Phipps is about redefining what we imagine a high performance longboard can be.

Low volume with thinner refined rails and a thinner nose and tail. The Humpback is the opposite of your heavy cruisy log. Wide nose and single concave with a flipped beak (uplifted nose rocker) Mark added a rolled V from the middle of the board down to the tail. A rounded squaretail and setup with a 2 + 1 (box).

The Humpback is an amazingly easy board to ride, easy to carve and surprisingly elegant for nose rides. If your hair isn’t long and you are lightweight this board is for you!


Best Suited For
Skill Level
Wave Size
Standard Dimensions
9'021 3/462.11L
9'121 7/8 64.2L
9'322 1/868.66L
9'422 1/4 71L
Orders & Enquires

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