The MP twin was born from the need for speed and freedom.

This board will turn faster than any board you have ever ridden. It will give you a turning arc on even the smallest of waves.

When the waves get good it will just get better, bring back the off the tops from yesterday with today’s flair and precision.


Best Suited For
Skill Level
Wave Size
Standard Dimensions
5'619 1/227L
5'819 3/429.5L
5'1020 1/431.8L
6'020 1/234.6L
6'2 2138.1L
6'421 1/242L
Fin Systems
  • Fins plugs are set for riding as a twin, 2+1 or thruster
Orders & Enquires

If you’re ready to order your custom-made Mark Phipps surfboard or you need some more info before deciding which board is best suited to you, phone or email us today.

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