Custom Made Surfboards

For surfers, nothing hits the mark quite like custom made surfboards. Knowing that the craftsman shaping your board was working purely with you in mind is powerful knowledge that builds a undeniable connection between you and your board.

Hand made surfboards perform better because they are crafted to suit your body, your surfing style, your surfing objectives and the conditions in which you plan to surf. You will never buy an off-the-rack model again.

A surf board created just for you

At Phipps Surfboards, each of our custom made surfboards is made with consideration of a range of factors including:

  • your height
  • your weight
  • your level of experience and ability
  • your preference for boards, types of rails, fins, bottom rocker
  • and much more

Once armed with that information, we set about designing and crafting a surf board that is fully customised to you. We will shape your surfboard with precision and skill to optimise all the characteristics we’ve identified. Taking that level of care and pride has built Phipps Surfboards a strong and lasting international reputation for hand made surfboards. That’s why we’re known internationally for our custom made surfboards.

Take a look at our surfboards image gallery and you’ll see what we mean – custom made surfboards that that not only look like no other, they perform like no other.

Discover more about the custom made surfboards process, or order boards using our simple online order form.